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What did "New York Times", "El Universal" (Mexico's largest newspaper), "ABC", "The Times", "BBC", "U.S. News" and other major newspapers in the world have in common?

They reached a VERY large number of online readers because they use all possible means to reach them.

As you see in this graph the number of smartphones and tablets with the Android operating system is in a growing

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It is time to give these users the opportunity to read your newspaper every day!

We are experts in producing applications for Android, especially online versions of newspapers, magazines (online media). Since the launching of Android OS we did lots of versions of newspapers and magazines for smartphones and tablets all over the world.

Imagine that every time someone checks their phone they have the possibility to read your news.

Question? "We already have a page for mobile versions. Readers can enter the browser, write our address and we can read. We do not need an application that already exists in your browser."

This is partially correct. The problem is that every time you open the browser can go to any page we think at that time. Look at this picture for example, is a bit exaggerated but you get the idea. Thus eliminating the possibility of a newspaper to be read concurrently. In addition see the name of newspaper readers each time they check the phone or walk through the menu. Coca-Cola puts ads everywhere, right ? In addition receive gift widget app (yes, it's for free that one) which automatically updates the news!

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Over 1 billion potential readers

According to comScore [click here for the report] there are more android users than iPhone users! And that was in 2010! Today 38% of phones are smart phones [link] and the percentage is increasing because hardware becomes cheaper and cheaper. Did you loose money on inefficient advertising in the past ? We don't offer advertising. Think it like this -> we deliver your newspaper in a stand that doesn't cost you rent, doesn't take profit, is updated instantly and is visited by 1.000.000 visitors per day! What more can you want...

The collaboration between us will be one of the best decisions that you will make to increase the number of your readers.

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